Inspired by faces in places and driven by the need to create, Shannon Lawrence has spent the last 12 years exploring her surroundings with camera in hand. Her passion for capturing people can be seen in the many portraits taken in a fleeting second usually as she passes on a train, bus, track or street. 

About me hmmmmmm....

What are you meant to say in these areas? I could tell you all the wonderful things Ive accomplished and how awesome I am and that I'm a red head (which says a lot in itself) but that just feels silly.


The bottom line is I love faces, I love travel, I love the adrenaline from exploring a new area and I love creating beautiful things that inspire me to do it all over again. My need to create has been engraved in my actions from a young age and its only getting stronger each day. 

What you see here, is only a snippet of where my passion is fulfilled. 

Want to send me to a crazy country and have me document it......Im in!!!!!!!!!

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